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Essential Question:

What factors influence the rights of children in (your country)?

Focus Questions:
  • How does income affect the rights of children?

  • Logon to EasyBib and check password

  • Create a new project (Name of your country)

  • Type in the Essential (Thesis) and Focus Questions

  • Using EasyBib to research (strategies and tips, etc...)

  • Culture Grams

  • CIA World Factbook

  • World Book Online

  • Research Beta on EasyBib

  • Print sources (books and encyclopedias)

  • http://childrensrightsportal.org/

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Passwords for online resources

Select Culture Grams, CIA World Factbook, World Book Encyclopedia online, and/or the web site below for your research.

Each student will research a specific country that Mr. Fisher will assign.

  • You will gather information on areas that affect the income people earn:

  1. literacy rates:

  2. education conditions and highest levels of schooling/graduation rates

  3. infant mortality rate

  4. labor laws for children

  5. economic classes and income gaps

  • With such information in hand, you will choose one of the articlesin the Convention on the Rights of the Child that is not being followed in the country you are researching.

  • You will explain how your research supports your conclusion regarding the convention article you chose.

At the end, you will issue a call to action with a focus and a format that Mr. Fisher will approve. This will be discussed later in more detail.


  • You will use EasyBib to collect your information and cite your sources.

  • You will use at least three sources for your information.

  • You will include at least one chart, graph, or picture.

  • You will paraphrase and/or quote directly in the proper ways to avoid plagiarism.

  • You will give credit to your sources and cite them in the proper format.

  • You will match your information to your sources so it is clear where the information came from.

  • You will make a call to action in the manner approveed by Mr. Fisher.