Checking out books online at Berkshire.

Begin at the Berkshire Media Center webpage.

Click on the eshelf.

Log in using the same username you use to log into a computer, password is wildcat.

Click on this link to see videos on using ebooks.


Read online-allows you to read a book online and return when you are done

Checkout (explained in two videos on the link above)

  • log in required

  • online-lets you read at computers and mobile devices(in the cloud)

  • download-read on a specific device

Ebooks are automatically returned after 21 days.


Your ebook doesn't open. Look at the top of the screen and right click on the white bar-allow pop ups. The popup blocker




‍View notes: Adding notes: right click on the page, or click in the margin.

‍Table of contents


‍Zoom in and zoom out-use the magnifying glass.

‍Page navigation

‍One page/Two page view

‍Read aloud is only available with some titles.

‍Bookmark-hiding under the page at the spine-click to activate

‍Move quickly to a page

‍Close Book

‍Works on:


‍Android - tablets 3.0 and above


Follett Digital Reader, available in iTunes for iPad and Android

‍The FIRST time you sign into the ereader app, you will need to access the Berksire shelf. In the web address line add this:

‍wbb32196‍ then your username and password = wildcat